New SeaBin installed at Port Solent, Hampshire

We were incredibly privileged to be involved in the official launch of a new SeaBin last week, at Port Solent Marina. The SeaBin has been funded by Helistrat, a management consultancy that delivers sustainable resource strategies. After initial discussions with Premier Marinas, the launch of the SeaBin went ahead at the end of June 2018. We are thrilled to be a part of this exciting new environmental initiative, and hopefully more in the future.

On the launch day itself, we had some fantastic talks by Helistrat, Premier Marinas and the SeaBin Project themselves. We were lucky enough to be able to give a short talk too, and focussed on how important we hope the SeaBin will be not only to physically collect plastic waste from the marina, but as an awareness tool. So many people watched the Blue Planet II and also see video and images of plastic waste overseas, particularly in tropical waters – but it is also an issue right here on our UK shores. A few weeks ago, on a beach clean on Hayling Island, we picked up nearly 1,500 plastic cotton bud sticks in an area of approximately 2 square metres. We hope that the new SeaBins will demonstrate that plastic pollution is an issue right here on our beautiful coastlines just as much as abroad – and will help us to raise awareness of our need to reduce the amount of single-use plastic that we use as consumers. In turn, we hope this will lead to suppliers switching to more sustainable alternatives.

We have another SeaBin launch at Emsworth Yacht Harbour on the 11th July 2018, which is absolutely fantastic. Visit our Facebook page for more information,

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