Roasting Hot Beach Clean at Prinsted 8th July 2018!

This morning we carried out our 6th big beach clean of the year, this time at Prinsted, near to Emsworth. Prinsted is a quiet, pretty coastal spot that is popular with dog walkers and locals.

It was so hot! As a result of the heat (and perhaps a few world-cup hangovers?!) the turn-out wasn’t quite as large as usual, but we had around 20 amazing volunteers turn up to take part. Thankfully everyone came armed with water, hats and suncream.

Prinsted is generally quite clean, there aren’t many large bits of plastic knocking around, possibly due to dog walkers picking it up, and perhaps because the shape of the coast doesn’t catch much waste on the tides. We still managed to collect 12 bags of litter, mostly microplastics and the odd large piece. The ubiquitous plastic cotton bud sticks were here too, not in as great a number as on Hayling Island but never-the-less we still collected a good handful.

After about an hour and a half pretty much everyone had melted so we packed up and all sloped off to find some shade! A huge thank you to everyone that came along, your help is really appreciated, and giving up your Sunday morning to collect plastic waste in the blistering heat is a fantastic effort. We were lucky to have a team from local business Helistrat join us today, which was brilliant. We hope to see you all at the next one in August!

Next Beach Clean: Sunday 12th August, 10am – 12pm, venue TBC (likely Hayling Island)

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