Reusable Coffee Cups donated to QA Hospital

In November 2018 we had a message from one of the staff members in the paediatric department at The Queen Alexandra Hospital in Cosham, Portsmouth. She asked if we had any suggestions of cheap suppliers to help them reduce the number of single-use coffee cups used by visitors and the staff themselves in the department, as they really wanted to cut back on the number used every day.

We decided this would be a great opportunity to donate some reusable cups to the department, as we were already thinking about starting to sell branded coffee cups (much like the Chillys bottles earlier in the year), so we ordered some organic bamboo reusable ecoffee cups and donated 50 of them to the paediatric department. We love to think of the staff and visitors in the paediatric department using them, and that hopefully the number of single-use coffee cups used has diminished.


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