8th May Plastic-Free Day!

This year we are coordinating a Plastic-Free Day in May. What’s it all about?

We are encouraging schools, businesses, groups and individuals to sign up to our Plastic-Free Day on the 8th May, to celebrate Sir David Attenborough’s 93rd birthday! To take part, you need to refuse single-use plastics for the day – so it can be as simple as refusing to buy things wrapped in disposable plastic, making sure that lunch boxes do not have single-use plastic packaging in them, making sure that you use a reusable bottle, coffee cup and bag for the day.

For schools and businesses you could have an assembly or meeting to talk about the impact of plastic pollution in our environment and its impact on ocean health, or run workshops about it.

Visit our page and email us here so that you can download more information and resources, and we can add you to our list of participants on our website and social media. We are hoping to get some coverage of the day and the organisations taking part in the media and press.



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  1. Ali Devlin says:

    You might also want to try to do something for Plastic Free July?

    Ali Devlin alidevlin@outlook.com mobile: +614 0441 5582 skype: ali.sutherland


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  2. Samantha Brand says:

    I am just stared to go plastic free so I hope by September reduce the use of plastic in the house by September. I think it will be really hard though not to use any platic which wauld be good but it not just about plastic I also think we need to keep open green spaces and have use of trees and flowers and help keep . I don’t drive so use public transportation so any ideas on where I cauld find plastic free food or products.i have just decided to day I know it will take time


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