Fabulous school children!

So far this term, we have been into 11 local schools to give assemblies. With an average of between 200 – 400 children in each school, that means that we’ve reached in the region of 3,000 children this term already, talking about how we can all do our bit to reduce the amount of pointless plastic that we use and taking special care not to litter. Some of the children are really clued up about plastic pollution already, and some not so much – but we love speaking to all of them and it’s a really fun part of our day to day activities.

Here are some photos taken at a recent school visit in Gosport, where the children had been focussing on ocean health and plastic pollution already for a few weeks. They knew so much already about the topic and were incredibly enthusiastic, with a very active pupil eco-council.

If you are in the Solent area and would like us to come in and give an assembly or run an activity please let us know, you can email us at finalstrawsolent@gmail.com

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