Wicor Primary School Superstars!

We have been working with Wicor Primary School, who are very dedicated to reducing their environmental footprint and reducing plastic waste. Here is a post written by the children that has gone onto their school blog, which we are reproducing here!

Interview with Bianca Carr, Final Straw Solent

We have a strong environmental curriculum through which children learn about their planet.  They learn to appreciate the amazing variety of life that occupies many of the beautiful and awe-inspiring areas of the Earth.  They learn about the damage humans are inflicting on their planet too. From time to time, we invite speakers in to talk to the children about the work they are doing to help protect and save our natural world.
Bianca Carr founded her own non-profit organisation, The Final Straw Solent, https://finalstrawsolent.org/ to try to reduce plastic pollution in the Solent and came in to share her work with the school in assembly.
Wicor School with Bianca
Phoebe and Jessica showing off the school’s plastic-free
and palm oil-free soap to Bianca

Q. When did you first hear about plastic pollution?

A. I’ve always been aware that there has been a problem. In 2015 I became really conscious about it, about the time of the America’s Cup. I was taught by 11th Hour Racing the full extent of the damage they had seen and ways in which we can help. they taught me all about the importance of refusing single use plastic. the work of Sea Bins and ways in which we can help by holding beach cleans for example. My mindset changed from being aware of it to it being so important I had to do something. No matter what you do there is always time to make a change.
Q. have you ever been abroad and seen the plastic pollution first hand?
A. I went to Bermuda with the America’s Cup and the beach was beautiful with the pink sand and bright blue sea. But all around was lots of plastic, I lay on my sunbed and was surrounded by plastic nurdles. Even Bermuda a piece of paradise is covered in plastic.
Q. How are you going to change the world?
A. I am going to help the world, one plastic straw at a time. Educating people on the damage of using plastic straws and encouraging them to say no to them.

By Phoebe and Jessica, who care about their planet age 8 and 10.

“What you guys are doing at Wicor is just great.  Incredible.  What lucky children to come to a school environment like this.  It must have a positive effect on their attitudes.”  Bianca.

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