Drain Art Competition!

Look at these brilliant examples of drain art, aren’t they great? But we think our local children can do even better, and are looking for some fantastic designs to be submitted to be painted on our local drains to raise awareness of litter washing straight out to sea! Did you know that most drains on the sides of roads or car parks just lead straight into local rivers or the sea? So any litter that is dropped – cigarette butts, food packaging and any other rubbish – is often washed straight out into our local waters, where it can harm wildlife.

We are asking our local children to come up with some fantastic designs for local drains to remind people that what is left lying around as litter can be washed down the drains and out to sea. School-age children can submit their designs to be in with a chance of having their ideas and design put onto local drains. A talented local artist has agreed to use the successful designs to apply them directly to the drain area, so all the children have to do is download and print off the template and then scan it or take a good quality photo and email it in to us with their name, age, school name, and a contact email address.

The designs need to be bold, bright and fun, and represent the issues caused by litter getting out to sea and affecting our wildlife and environment.

You can download the template here

And here are some examples of how to use the template, or create your own:

How to Enter!

  • Please enter by emailing your design as a scan or high quality photo to comp@finalstrawfoundation.org and include the name of the child who created the design, their age, their school name and a contact email address. Each child can enter up to 3 designs each.
  • We will not share this data with anyone, but when we announce the winners we will use their first name and age. Please let us know if you do not want us to use their first name on our social media and website, only their design.
  • The closing date for submissions is Friday 20th November at 20:00, and the art will be installed on the road in 2021.
  • There will be up to ten winners. We will let the winners know by email that their design has been chosen, and where the drain art will be installed.
  • The design may be ever so slightly altered by the artist to fit the exact drain layout, but the essence of the design will be maintained.
  • Open to school age children up to and including 16 years of age.

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