Big Easter Litter Hunt, Hayling Island

We were recently contacted by the Mum of the fantastic Florri, age 4 and Sidney, age 10 (pictured) who live on Hayling Island. They were sad about seeing litter around the Island, and decided they wanted to do something about it to keep it clean for all of us to enjoy. Inspired by these proactive junior environmentalists, we have sprung into action, together with the Hayling Island Litter Pickers Group and with help from Protecting Home Energy and Stoke Fruit Farm Shop!

Over the school Easter Holidays, between Saturday 3rd and Sunday the 18th April 2021, we would love families to get out in the fresh air and to pick up any litter they see on their walks and dispose of it in a bin or recycling bin if appropriate. This can be anywhere on Hayling Island that you are allowed to be – the beach, Billy Trail, footpaths, parks etc.

  • Please take a picture as evidence of your tidying up endeavours, and email it to
  • You will then be able to collect a free chocolate Easter Egg from the team at Stoke Fruit Farm Shop – please show them the photo you have taken on your phone in order to collect the egg(s). This is limited to one egg per child under the age of 16 years old.
  • Feel free to share your pictures on social media too (Facebook or Instagram) if you are happy to do so, tagging @finalstrawfoundation, but make sure you email it in as well!
  • You could also win a prize for the strangest litter-picking find – please send pictures! To be announced Monday 19th April. The first 50 children will receive a free Easter Egg for taking part.

The Easter Eggs prizes are being kindly donated by Protecting Home Energy, a huge thanks to them. Please note, each child that takes part up to the first 50 entries will be able to collect one Easter Egg from Stoke Fruit Farm Shop as per the guide above.

Some rules! These are important, so please read on:

  • Always wear tough gloves – never litter pick without them.
  • Use litter pickers where possible.
  • Wear appropriate (bright/high viz) clothing for the weather and make sure you wear tough shoes with your toes enclosed.
  • Do not touch your faces while litter picking.
  • Use hand gel or wash your hands as soon as you have finished.
  • Do not pick up anything sharp – avoid glass please and anything else sharp.
  • We suggest that children only pick up plastic wrappers etc (eg. Food packaging/crisp and sweet packets, plastic bottles, etc.)
  • Keep a close eye on children at all times and do not pick up anything that looks dangerous.
  • Make sure you keep a safe distance from other people and keep within the current Covid restrictions at the time.
  • Dispose of the rubbish you collect appropriately – either in a public bin or take it home, and recycle where possible.
  • Please avoid busy roads, stay well on pavements and be aware of cars at all times.
  • Please be aware of where you are litter picking – make sure you are on public property (or seek landowners’ permission).
  • If litter picking on the beach, make sure you stay well clear of the water, that you understand what the tides are doing and also watch out for wildlife, try not to disturb bird populations etc.
  • If you think you will be collecting a lot of rubbish (too much for you to dispose of yourself) please get in touch.We would welcome any more donations of plastic-free Easter Eggs for the children that take part, litter pickers, bin hoops, high viz, gloves etc.

Thank you so much for your efforts, let’s work together to keep Hayling a beautiful, clean place. We look forward to seeing all your photos!

Thank you also to Protecting Home Energy, Stoke Fruit Farm Shop, the Hayling Island Litter Pickers Group and of course to Florrie and Sidney for inspiring the event in the first place.

Before you pledge, please read the clean-up preparation and safety advice. Please note that Final Straw Foundation is not responsible for (and will accept no liability to you) for any losses or damages you incur or suffer in connection with your participation in the Big Easter Litter Hunt, save to the extent that such liability cannot be limited or excluded by law.

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