Easter Sunday Beach Clean Portland, Weymouth

Please join our amazing ambassadors, Hannah and Anna, members of the British Sailing Squad for an Easter Sunday Beach Clean with the family. Pop along for 10 minutes or an hour!

When? Sunday 4th April 2021, 10:30am – 3:00pm

Where? Meeting by the Frontline Coffee Shop, Lerret Rd, Portland DT5 1GB

Any time at all you can spare to help our shores is gratefully received.The clean up is supported by the fabulous and environmentally conscious Frontline Coffee Shop. Waste will be dealt with by this fabulous local business and there may even be a little secret chocolate treat for the children that take part but our lips are sealed! We promise the feel good factor will be worth it and our wildlife will be forever grateful.
> Feel free to share your pictures on social media (Facebook or Instagram) if you are happy to do so, tagging @finalstrawfoundation.
> You could also win a prize for the strangest litter-picking find – please send pictures! To be announced Monday 19th April.The first 50 children will receive a small surprise for taking part from the fabulous Frontline Coffee, a huge thanks to them.

Some rules! These are important, so please read on:
– Always wear tough gloves – never litter pick without them.
– Use litter pickers where possible.
– Wear appropriate (bright/high viz) clothing for the weather and make sure you wear tough shoes with your toes enclosed.
– Do not touch your faces while litter picking.
– Use hand gel or wash your hands as soon as you have finished.
– Do not pick up anything sharp – avoid glass please and anything else sharp.
– We suggest that children only pick up plastic wrappers etc (eg. Food packaging/crisp and sweet packets, plastic bottles, etc.)
– Keep a close eye on children at all times and do not pick up anything that looks dangerous.
– Make sure you keep a safe distance from other people and keep within the current Covid restrictions at the time.
– Dispose of the rubbish you collect appropriately. We are lucky to have Frontline Coffee to help with this.
– Please avoid busy roads, stay well on pavements and be aware of cars at all times.
– Please be aware of where you are litter picking – make sure you are on public property (or seek landowners’ permission).
– If litter picking on the beach, make sure you stay well clear of the water, that you understand what the tides are doing and also watch out for wildlife, try not to disturb bird populations etc.

Thank you so much for your efforts, let’s work together to keep Weymouth and Portland a beautiful, clean place. We look forward to seeing all your photos!

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