100 Days, 100 Litter Picks!

Starting on Tuesday June 1st 2021, we are going to litter-pick every day for 100 days!

It began with a jokey suggestion over a cup of tea.

‘We could go litter picking every day for a month!’
‘Erm – that’s not much? Maybe a year!’
‘That’s a too much! How about 100 days?’
‘We could do it in fancy dress?’
‘That’s a step too far!’

So here we are, day one of one hundred, litter picking every day until Thursday 9th September. We are thrilled to announce that our ambassadors, Anna Carpenter and Hannah Bristow, are also going to take part, in between training hard for the 2024 Olympics!

We will post regular updates about our progress, so watch this space. We hope that we can inspire others with our story to take care of their own local ‘patch’ while raising awareness of the impact of littering. Wish us luck!

We are also raising money for the charity while we do the cleans, so if you would like to sponsor us you can here: https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/100-days-100-litter-picks

Thank you so much!

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