Funding boost from the National Lottery Community Fund!

We are absolutely thrilled to have secured a grant from the National Lottery Community Fund to help continue our work to highlight the impact of plastic pollution on the environment.

The total grant of £138,000 will be spread over 5 years and will help us to expand its operations and have a bigger impact trying to safeguard the environment.

From our founder, Bianca: ‘This is incredible news for us. The grant will be used for core funds, enabling us to continue our work over the coming years with more surety, and will help us to employ more staff to help with running the charity. We have some exciting plans for the coming months and years and it will be fantastic to be able to see them come to fruition.’

Bianca continues, ‘We’re incredibly grateful to receive this funding from the National Lottery Community Fund, it will make a tremendous difference to the work we do each day. We’d like to thank all the players of the National Lottery, we are over the moon to be receiving this grant and hope it will make a real difference to our local environment.’

The scourge of plastic pollution is sadly still quite visible in our countryside and along our coasts. While there was a slight reduction in litter during the first lockdown in 2020, we have have rapidly seen an increase in rubbish that has been dropped in local beauty spots after more people were getting outside for exercise and since restrictions have lifted.

‘We really believe that litter breeds more litter,’ continues Bianca. ‘We have seen a huge amount of rubbish dropped in local parks and along the coasts. It seems so strange that people would go to these places to enjoy the great outdoors and all the positives that it brings, but then leave their litter. ‘

At the Final Straw Foundation, we want to encourage everyone to really be conscious of littering and try to keep their local area clean themselves too. It’s the responsibility of each and every one of us, and would make it so much nicer for everyone all round if we all took care of our ‘patch’. That’s our goal – that our charity is not needed in the first place! Until then, we will keep going and getting the message out there, and this funding will help us to do just that.

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