The next generation of eco-activists!

“Dear prime minster, it’s not too late to avoid climate catastrophe. I am 5 years old. Please make good climate choices for my future. Save the world! From Amelie”

Amelie, EcoClub Member, Aged 5

As the eyes of the world are fixed on Glasgow and we are waiting for leaders to decide the fate of how the climate crisis will be tackled, local children in Sarisbury Green, Southampton have begun to fight their corner on such matters.

During the summer, we ran a series of EcoClubs that focussed on just that. Children were invited to put pen to paper, writing letters to local leaders on their environmental concerns and what they would like to see changed.

Climate change, plastic and biodiversity loss were at the forefront of their concerns, and it was evident in their pleas that the children had a degree of eco-anxiety. This can be, no doubt, attributed to what the children see and hear every day as climate change and pollution is a forerunning topic on everyone’s lips.

Whilst the children have that right to be concerned, particularly on the climate crisis, we make sure that EcoClubs are not all doom and gloom.

The agenda of EcoClubs has always been to help educate children on such matters, but to make it fun. Activities range from eco-friendly crafts that follow the FSF ethos of reuse, recycle and repurpose, to visits by local wildlife experts who inspire the children on how they can help protect their local wildlife just by exploring and understanding biodiversity on their doorsteps. Making bug hotels are always particularly fun for the children as it gives them a sense purpose of being able to help mini beasts in their gardens.

Our most recent EcoClub in October, which had an eco-Halloween theme, focused on how children can have fun making their own Halloween decorations without using single-use plastic and avoiding the “throw away culture” of purchasing unnecessary Halloween plastic ridden items.

Our EcoClubs within the Sarisbury area are gaining popularity in addition to the Clubs we run in other locations, and it is both refreshing and inspiring to see how these youngsters are using their knowledge to fight to have their voices heard. After all, who else will ensure their environmental inheritance is preserved and protected for years to come?

Keep an eye on our website for upcoming EcoClub dates and information, or follow our Facebook and Instagram pages.

Check out the gallery below, showing photos of some of our recent EcoClubs!

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  1. Wow! It’s nice, particularly the letter to Prime Minister. Thank you 😊🌍

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