First recipients of Single-Use Plastic Free Bronze Certification announced!

We are thrilled to announce the first business, sailing club and marina to receive our bronze certification award in association with The Green Blue. This new standard highlights the responsible and innovative practices and products used by organisations in the recreational boating industry.

To date, 40+ organisations from all over the UK have registered to show their dedication to removing single-use plastic items from their day-to-day business activities in the sailing industry. There have also been several requests to have the accreditation expanded to encompass a wider range of businesses and organisations. We love this and have started the process of rolling the scheme out for more organisation types. This will be available in the near future – watch this space!

Now back to the marine industry and we would like to congratulate the following organisations on securing their Bronze Award:

Marine Resources as the first business to gain Bronze Single-Use Plastic Free Certification.

Marine Resources is considered one of the best shore-based marine recruitment specialists within the marine industry around the globe. As a part of their ongoing commitment to keeping our oceans and waterways pollution-free, Marine Resources are doing everything they can to minimise their impact on the planet and reduce their use of Single-Use Plastics by joining us on this accreditation journey. We are proud to be working with such a forward-thinking business that puts the planet before profit and leads the way in promoting the sustainability message throughout the industry. A huge thanks to the team at Marine Resources and we look forward to receiving their submissions for the Silver award.

“It’s been so great for the team here at Marine Resources to focus on what we could do as a business to reduce our plastic use.  Everyone here cares a lot about the issue and most in the business enjoy getting out on the water when they can.  To be able to do our bit to help clean up our playground was an important thing for us.  It’s been not just educational but also a great project for all the team to get involved with together. We look forward to working towards our Silver accreditation in 2022 and seeing other marine businesses getting involved.”

James Ward, Managing Director, Marine Resources

From very early on in the process of creating this accreditation Emsworth Sailing Club have supported us and expressed their desire to not just begin the process of getting accredited but they are aiming to be the first sailing club to receive the gold award! We love their commitment and enthusiasm to ocean health and can’t wait to work with them moving forward to create a sailing club that puts the ocean first and encourages all members to care for the sea that they play and work on.

“We are extremely proud to be the first club to be awarded the Bronze Plastic Free Accreditation Award following on from some of the early work we have done guided by the teams at The Green Blue and The Final Straw Foundation.  As the sea is our playground, we have embedded the control of our environmental impacts into the work of all of our committees, but there is always more to do so continuous improvement is constantly on our minds.   We are now working hard towards gaining Silver and hope to be the first club to get there too!”

Jane Mellor, Commodore, Emsworth Sailing Club

Finally, we would like to welcome Val Wyatt Marine, Berkshire as the first marina to receive the Bronze Accreditation. Val Wyatt Marine has made some significant changes to the way they run and have put the environment at the forefront of all they do. The extensive knowledge they have of customer care and service when buying, selling, or mooring boats is now extended to environmental issues affecting boaters. It’s exciting to have them share their passion and knowledge for the environment with their clients and we hope they will continue their journey to Single-Use Plastic Free status with the Final Straw Foundation and The Green Blue.

“We are proud to be awarded with the Bronze Single Use Plastic Free accreditation. Protecting, cleaning and caring for our environment both locally and more broadly is at the heart of our operations. We recognise that there is still more that we can do, and we’re actively working on identifying areas for improvement and implementing solutions for short to long team goals to not only eliminate SUP entirely, but also to meet our net zero commitments. We’re delighted that initiatives like The Green Blue and Final Straw Foundation exist to help support businesses and communities to look after our rivers, seas, and global ecosystems, as we know that it’s only through working together and at scale that real change will be made.”

Lisa Anacora, Managing Director, Val Wyatt Marine

Congratulations again to these organisations, and we look forward to celebrating more Bronze level awards over the coming months. If you would like to sign your business, club or organisation up, please find out more here.

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