Wildlife-friendly beach cleaning!

It may sound counter-intuitive, because clearly when we are beach cleaning, we are trying to help wildlife by reducing the impact of litter on their habitat. However, it’s also really important to remember that while we are beach cleaning, we could be causing disturbance to wildlife living in the area we are so busy tidying up!

We have teamed up with Bird Aware Solent, the Marine Conservation Society and the 2 Minute Foundation to launch a new set of beach cleaning guides that aim to help minimise the disturbance to wildlife potentially caused by groups of beach cleaners. We always ensure that we give a thorough briefing at the start of every beach clean, including information about avoiding certain areas to avoid wildlife disturbance, but these guides will help participants to be well informed prior to the briefing. There is also a useful guide for beach clean organisers if you are thinking of setting up your own beach clean event.

Pop over to our page about wildlife-friendly beach cleaning to find out more and to download either of the guides.

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