Fundraise or Donate!

Please click on the button below to be taken to our Just Giving page where you can donate to our charity.

Every donation allows us to continue our inspiring and practical work to protect our coastlines and countryside from the blight of plastic pollution. Donations are an incredible way for you to show your support for the work we do cleaning up our beaches, educating young people and communities and guiding businesses in reducing their plastic footprint.

It’s a difficult time for the environmental charity sector. The cost of living crisis and war in Ukraine have meant that many charitable grant-making funds are even more squeezed than usual, and fewer people are able to donate to charities as regularly as in previous years. This is entirely understandable. Sadly, it means that some of our previous funding sources have dried up and competition for all grants and funding fiercer than ever.

If you would like to help support our charity, you can use the link above to go to our JustGiving page and choose to make a one-off donation or a monthly donation. We receive 100% of the money you donate, thank you so much! Any money raised will go towards the following:

  • School outreach programme – materials to give out in schools with information about practical family ways of reducing our consumption of single-use plastics as well as age-appropriate reading books and more as well as funding our assembly, workshop and beach school events
  • Beach clean-up kit – for example, gloves, litter pickers, bags, buckets, sieves and other, more specialist kit for microplastic collection
  • Helping us to reimburse our fantastic volunteers who give their time to help us at events – this may include travel and sustenance
  • Important admin costs such as insurance so that we can run beach cleans and events, and use our big fish sculptures to help raise awareness of the issue of plastic pollution.

Any amount of donation is awesome – be it £1 or £100! It all helps.

Set up a Fundraising Event!

If you would like to set up a fundraising event for us, that would also be incredible! You might have a set idea about what you would like to do to fundraise, but here are some ideas:

  • A sponsored litter pick or series of litter picks, naturally!
  • A sponsored walk, run, climb or cycle
  • A cake or plastic-free sweet treat sale
  • A second-hand book, clothing, toy or game sale
  • Get sponsored to give up plastic for a month/6 months/a year!
  • Run a tombola with second-hand toys/books/regifted items
  • Any other wild and wacky ideas you may have – just make sure they have the environment at their heart!

Please get in touch if you’d like to chat about any fundraising ideas or would like support, logos or anything from us.

Can’t donate or fundraise but want to donate your time?

If you can’t donate funds but would like to donate your time, please get in touch and we’d love to hear from you!

Please click on the button below to be taken to our Just Giving page where you can donate to our charity.

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