Borrow Bags

Welcome to the Borrow Bags (formerly Boomerang Bags) page of our site! We’d love to see more and more areas, towns and villages get involved with this scheme. If you are in the south of the UK (or even the wider UK) and would like labels for bags, we can provide some (within reason!). Please email us at

Download a template for the bags here!

Boomerang Bags are made up by local people with off cuts of material and left in shops for shoppers to borrow and bring back when they remember, or you can give them to family, friends, strangers, anywhere that you see single-use plastic bags being used or you think could benefit from a reusable bag. We know they won’t all come back but hoping a few will, and we can reduce the plastic even further in the Solent area and across the country. Together we can work together to encourage a less wasteful society with small schemes like this, encouraging people to think twice about throw-away plastic bags and single-use plastic in general.

We also need donations of material. It really doesn’t matter what it looks like or how old it is, it just needs to be clean.  If anyone has any time on their hands and likes cutting fabric and sewing then please get in touch as we need more teams to get more bags ready!

Thanks everyone.