Posters and graphics for your business

Check out our posters that you can download and use in your business premises, from cafés and restaurants to offices. They are free to use, just download, print and stick them up. We also have supporters graphics that you can add to your website. If you would like to use these on your website, please get in touch and we will send you a link to download them.

Business Supporter Poster

Download this poster and display it in your premises if you have chosen to support our charity by reducing the amount of single-use plastic that you are using – don’t forget to let us know so that we can thank you and add you to our list!

Posters for Bathrooms

Plastic Free Period poster for toilet doors

Plastic-free periods poster

Download this poster to display in the loos on your business premises. The poster informs customers or staff about how they can make the step to plastic-free periods, and why it would be amazing if they did! There are so many excellent reusable period products available these days, it totally makes sense to switch if possible and will really help the environment. The average woman may use nearly 10,000 tampons or pads over their lifetime. The majority of these contain plastic and some get flushed, potentially blocking sewage systems and sometimes ending up floating in the sea.

Careful what you flush poster

Is an unfortunate fact that many people flush all sorts – from tampons and baby wipes to cigarette butts – down the loo. Many of these items will not biodegrade and can cause problems for our sewers, sometimes causing blockages and overflows, or our wildlife and environment if they end up in the sea. This poster is a reminder to people to only flush the 3 P’s, and is best displayed inside a cubicle or on a toilet wall. Download it here.

Simple Tips Poster

Download this poster to let people know how a few simple steps can help them to easily reduce their plastic footprint. It’s reusables all the way!

Reusable coffee cup guide and poster for cafés, coffee shops and restaurants

A quick guide to show how to safely use reusable coffee cups instead of disposable cups in coffee shops, cafés and restaurants. This guide shows just how easy it is to use reusable cups even in the current Covid-19 climate in a safe way without contacting a customer’s cup.

Reusable Coffee Cup Poster

Download our simple ‘Bring your own cup’ poster to display in the window of your premises to let people know that you are accepting reusable cups. This is particularly relevant in these Covid times, when many people assume that coffee shops and cafés are not accepting reusable cups – let your customers know that you are!

Reusable Borrow Bag Scheme Poster

Download this poster if you are taking part in our Borrow Bag (formerly Boomerang Bag) scheme to to display in your shop. If you are interested in taking part in the scheme, which aims to reduce the number of disposable plastic bags used by consumers, please pop on over to our dedicated page!

Planting for Pollinators!

Encourage wildlife by planting bee and other pollinator-friendly plants and seeds. If you want people to know what’s going on, you can download this poster and display it!

We hope you find these posters useful. If you think we need to add any other posters on different topics, please let us know and we will see what we can do!