Anna Carpenter


I feel really honoured to be an ambassador for the Final Straw Foundation because it is such a great example of how you can go from personally caring about the environment to influencing hundreds of companies and people to change.

I’m just at the start of my journey to understand the issues we are facing and to both raise awareness and instigate change. I grew up in Lancashire and have been sailing my whole life, first on local reservoirs and then on the sea. I migrated south at 18 when I began studying at Bristol University and continued down after graduating to settle on the Dorset coast, allowing me to train full-time.

Having been a member of the British Sailing Team for over 7 years now, I have been lucky enough to compete all over the world but this has also allowed me to see first-hand the devastating effect caused by single-use plastics worldwide. This prompted me to do more research into the issue and it became clear that I couldn’t just sit back and allow the problem to continue without taking an active stance. I hope that by spreading the message from Final Straw, and doing what I can to educate people, that I can inspire others to do the same.

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