Bianca Carr

CEO & Founder

I started the Final Straw (Emsworth) after noticing more and more litter along the beautiful south coast beaches and shores and in the countryside in my local area. One day in January 2018, I went to a cafe with my son and our drinks arrived with disposable plastic straws in them, which struck me as being so unnecessary and linked so closely to the immense amount of ‘pointless plastic’ that was littering our local shores. I decided that I wanted to do something to change this, so I started up a small local campaign to run local beach cleans and encourage local businesses to cut back on this kind of unnecessary disposable plastic. The Final Straw has grown and grown over since that fateful straw! I’m really proud of how much the campaign has grown, becoming a registered charity in 2020. We have reached a lot of communities and individuals with our message over the last few years and have started to see some really positive changes, but there is still a long way to go!

I originally trained and worked as a radiotherapist for the NHS, before my children came along and I ended up travelling the world in support of my husband David, an America’s Cup sailor. These travels enabled me to see how other countries were dealing with the problem of plastic pollution on their beaches and made me want to bring some of those ideas back to the UK. I hope that this work will improve the health of our local seas by removing some of the plastic waste blighting the waters and beaches for future generations.