Are you a business (or home) looking to switch away from single-use plastics for your straws, cups, cutlery and more? Here is a list of a few online suppliers that we have been recommended or have found online – if you have found others who are awesome and deserve to be on here please let us know and we can add them! We are not affiliated to any of these suppliers, please make sure you do your own research on them too!

Paper Straws

Stainless Steel, Glass or Bamboo Reusable Straws

Food Packaging and Catering Disposables

Please note that we do not recommend the use of biodegradable packaging, as it just breaks down into tiny microplastics faster to the detriment of our environment. If a product states that it is ‘home’ compostable that should be OK, however most compostable products need very specific environmental conditions to break down properly, usually in an industrial composting facility – and there are very few of those around. Some of these suppliers below offer good quality paper packaging products and wooden cutlery etc.

Stainless Steel Bottles, Lunch Boxes

Alternatives to Clingfilm – beeswax wraps, sandwich bags etc.