Plastic-Free Day School Resources

Here you can download the resources for your school to take part in the plastic-free day.

Ocean Defender Certificate

Resources for Activities and Lessons




  • Until The Coast Is Clear – video by Jessica Reid
    34MB video, 7 minutes long. Short video documenting plastic pollution along the south coast of the UK, 7 minutes long. Suitable for older primary age and secondary – some footage of injured seal – please watch in advance to check you are happy to show it for younger children!

A Planet Full of Plastic
By Neil Layton

The perfect introduction to the scourge of plastic for younger readers, Neal Layton’s brightly illustrated book explains the science behind why plastic does not biodegrade and what the consequences are for the planet, as well as offering countless ideas for how we can all help ease the crisis.

Duffy’s Lucky Escape, Marli’s Tangled Tale, Nelson’s Dangerous Dive
All by Ellie Jackson

Duffy the Sea Turtle, Marli the Puffin and Nelson the Whale are all Wild Tribe Heroes. Read their true and gentle stories to teach children about these environmental issues in a positive and inspiring way with happy endings and ideas for the future.

Crab, Dab & Blenny
By Peta Rainford

Fish friends Dab and Blenny are upset by the plastic that washes into their lovely rockpool home. Crab, on the other hand, just LOVES the shiny bright colour… But when Blenny gets caught in plastic twine, Crab finally understands the danger of plastics in the ocean.

Somebody Swallowed Stanley
By Sarah Roberts

“Plastic bags don’t belong in the sea!” Everybody has a taste for Stanley, but he is no ordinary jellyfish. Most jellyfish have dangly-gangly tentacles, but Stanley has two handles… Other jellyfish have a magical glow, but Stanley has stripes…

Bag in the Wind
By Ted Kooser

In a singular first children’s book, Pulitzer Prize-winning poet Ted Kooser follows a plastic bag on its capricious journey from a landfill into a series of townspeople’s lives.