Clean Harbours Partnership

The Final Straw Foundation is a founding partner of the Clean Harbours Partnership (CHP) and the lead Water Quality Officer for Chichester and Langstone Harbour sailing clubs. The Partnership’s steering committee includes team members from the Final Straw Foundation and local harbour users who are passionate about the water quality in Langstone and Chichester Harbours. The Partnership is also working with the Universities of Portsmouth and Brunel to gather and interpret data that will highlight what really is in our local waters.

The aims of CHP include:

  • Investigate: identify exactly what is in the water in the harbours, including testing the water for biological and chemical pollution. To date, ‘Project Spotlight’ has started to reveal some shocking results from water samples gathered by local volunteers as part of the largest Citizen Science project of its type.
  • Inform: share results with local communities, relevant authorities and governing bodies.
  • Improve: support the creation and implementation of improvement plans by the polluters and custodians of our precious environment.

If you would like to find out more about the Clean Harbours Partnership or get involved, please visit the CHP website: