EcoClubs Behaviour Code

Dear parents,

As you know, we are passionate about running our eco-clubs so that children have a space where they can learn about our global and local environment. We would like to remind all parents and children of what we expect so that all of us can enjoy the sessions.  

Please remind your children that we do expect them to:
– Follow the group leaders instructions
– Use the equipment and resources safely
– Use kind hands and kind words with leaders, other children and parents

If unsafe behaviour occurs,  we will contact parents directly and ask them to stay with their child to ensure their child is behaving safely and following instructions. 

If poor behaviour continues in a second session we will have no choice but to remove their place within our club. In  this situation refunds will be offered for the remaining session. 

We will be in direct contact with any parents if your child’s behaviour is deemed unsafe or disruptive for the other children.

Most of our children in the clubs behave safely and are fully engaged. We love leading these and can’t wait to continue working together. 

With best wishes,

The Final Straw Foundation Team