Minimising Plastic Use at Frog Hollow Catering

Here we have a short interview with Charlotte Markham, who owns and runs Frog Hollow Catering based in Westbourne, West Sussex, about why it is important to her to reduce the amount of single-use plastic she uses in her business and what she is doing to combat it.

“Frog Hollow is an artisan producer hand making wholefood sweet snacks, free from gluten, dairy and refined sugar.

We are very concerned about the amount of plastic used in packaging food and have done our best to reduce the use of it within our company. We use glass jars which are re-useable and can be returned for a refill, cardboard and compostable PLA boxes from Vegware which are made of plants so; non toxic, sustainable and planet friendly. We are also concerned by the amount of polystyrene used to insulate boxes of chilled foods so we have sourced a company called Woolcool who supply us with natural insulation for our overnight deliveries. We are developing a recycling facility for this where customers can post back their packaging for us to use again.

Frog Hollow Catering Super Snacks

We are delighted to support the Final Straw Solent in its endeavours to end single use plastic around the world – with so much plastic ending up in our oceans and threatening our eco system it is important to act now before it is too late. I recently took part in a micro plastics survey in Chichester Harbour and was shocked to discover how much plastic is floating around in our seas. More needs to be done to educate future generations and I am teaching my child to refuse straws and to be more aware of what she buys in the shops. I believe there is a lot of confusion about what you can recycle in your household bins as not all councils have the same facilities it would be great if everyone could work together to tackle the problem.

Within our home, we buy our milk in glass bottles and our vegetables from Tuppenny Barn, we also cook mainly from fresh ingredients as opposed to ready meals – this has helped to remove a large quantity of the plastic packaging we were acquiring.

We are committed to continue to research more sustainable and planet friendly packaging as it becomes available for Frog Hollow Catering as we develop new products for sale.”

Thanks Charlotte!

Frog Hollow sells through our online shop, at festivals and events and through local stockists who share our ethos. (Southbourne Farm Shop, Acorn Health, The Bran Tub)

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