Plastic Free July Plogging!

Plogging, yes it’s a real word and it’s a real thing! It’s the combination of jogging and ‘plocka upp’, Swedish for ‘to pick up’. In a nutshell, plogging is jogging and quickly stopping to pick up litter while you go! It’s a great way to help clean up your local area while you exercise, and we are asking anyone who runs, or wants to start running, to join us remotely in July to go plogging throughout the month.

Plastic Free July is approaching fast, and we are planning on getting out there, getting fitter and picking up plastic while we are at it. We’d love our supporters to take part, so if you fancy joining in the event wherever you are, just pledge to get out there plogging. We’d love it if you want to fundraise for us too, but this is not a prerequisite! Any funds raised will go towards kit for clean-ups, our schools’ outreach programme and creating resources and events to help reduce the impact of plastic pollution on our environment and wildlife. You can join the event and create a fundraising page on JustGiving here if you would like to help support us in this way, but there is no obligation. You could pledge to run a certain number of days or distance over the month – it’s really up to you!

If you take part, please make sure you are dressed for the weather, wearing suitable shoes, and look out for traffic. Please don’t anywhere that might be dangerous, for example along very busy or fast roads. Please do not pick up anything sharp, this is something we always say on beach cleans and it is doubly important if you are running. Please dispose of your rubbish in public bins or take it home to your own bins (recycle if possible!).

Finally, please send us your photos or tag us on our social media channels, and we may see you out there!

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