Free Downloadable Posters for Businesses

If you are a business looking to encourage staff or customers to reduce their plastic ‘footprint’, show your support for our charity or show that you are taking part in one of our plastic reduction schemes, we have some posters that you can download! Hop on over to our business pages to download a suite of posters, from your business supporter poster and guide to contactless coffee (see below) to posters about what not to flush down the loo and plastic-free periods to go in your businesses loo and a poster about simple changes that customers can make to reduce the amount of single-use plastic that they get through.

Business supporter poster

Download this poster and others from our Business Posters page and display it in your premises if you have chosen to support our charity by reducing the amount of single-use plastic that you are using – don’t forget to let us know so that we can thank you and add you to our list!

Reusable Coffee Cups during the Pandemic – A Guide for Vendors

A quick guide to show how to safely use reusable coffee cups instead of disposable cups in coffee shops, cafés and restaurants. This guide shows just how easy it is to use reusable cups even in the current Covid-19 climate in a safe way without contacting a customer’s cup.

We also have a selection of graphics in various sizes and shapes that you can download and add to your website as a business supporter. Please let us know if you would like access to these.

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  1. Joanna Styles says:


    Have you got something I can put on my website: ?

    Many thanks,

    Jo Styles.


    1. Hi Jo,
      We will email you!
      Team FSF


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